Saturday, February 07, 2004

Gulf War 2 recruits beware: GW1 vets came home with radioactive piss!

Wanna go off and play cowboy in the desert? And spend the rest of your life in a VA hospital? Go for it.

But before you sign on for the lifestyles of the Dumb and Gung Ho, please be aware that, based on our Gulf War 1 experiences, your government will send you out there supplied with stuff like "depleted" uranium bullets -- stuff that will make your piss and sperm radioactive, your girlfriends complain of "Burning Semen Syndrome" and your children turn out missing small items like brains and arms. Hey! That could be you.

You will get "medicine" from your government that will ruin your health permanently -- including mandatory prescriptions for stuff like experimental anthrax vaccines, PB pills and meth-amphetamines. 300,000 GW1 vets have sought VA healthcare treatment since 1991 and 200,000 have actually filed VA disability claims. That could be you!

Still wanna go off to war? War isn't a video game. Just look what happened to our Vietnam vets suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: It's 30-odd years later and they are still begging for spare change in front of convenience stores. That too could be you.

Wanna know how your government is going to help you when you come back a physical and mental wreck and you need medical care and you can't get girls to date you because you wet your pants and drool? George W. Bush just slashed 275 million dollars from the healthcare budget of the Department of Veterans' Affairs. That's how they will help out. You are on your own! Sucks to be you.

War in defense of our country is one thing. But to send young innocents -- who naively believe that real war is gonna be like watching some action cartoon -- into harm's way in order to steal other countries' oil? To be nothing more than pirates and thieves? In the service of greed? That's just plain criminal.

Let's give our youth something better to do with their lives than just hang around VA hospitals. Let's stop giving trillions of dollars in taxpayers' money to weapons manufacturers and oil cartels. Let's give our youth exciting educational opportunities instead. Let's direct our exuberant youths' lust for life into making our world shine.

All the oil cartels have to offer our sons and brothers are psychotic experiences and radioactive piss.

Very truly yours, Jane Stillwater, Berkeley, CA


"Imagine a world where EVERY child is wanted, nurtured, protected and loved: World Peace in one generation!" Plus our sons and brothers won't have to die for oil -- which will be all gone in 38 years no matter what we do; get over it. Let's move on to the full wonderfulness that the human mind is truly capable of.