Saturday, April 08, 2017

"Trump murders babies in Syria!"

     Wow.  That sleazy headline sounds like something that the National Enquirer would make up -- except that it's actually true.

     According to a reliable Syrian news source, President Trump's recent deadly attack on Homs, Syria, resulted in the murder of nine civilians, four of them children.

     Way to go, Prez!  Or not.

     Now President Trump is right up there with Reagan, Obama, both Bushes and both Clintons -- war criminals all.  And Trump achieved all this butchery in just his first 100 days -- by the 75th day to be exact.  That's gotta be a record.

     But wait.  It gets worse.  "Murdering babies isn't bad enough already?" you might ask.  Yes and no.

      No, there's nothing worse than murdering babies -- but, yes, Trump has now broken international law.  Shattered it, to be exact.  Nuremberg-style.  According to law professor Amal Saad, in just one Shock-and-Awe moment, President Trump has upgraded the Syrian conflict from a "civil war" to an illegal invasion:

     (1)  The body of law regulating article 2 conflicts is much wider than article 3 conflicts, affording the Syrian government legal protections it didn't previously enjoy.

      (2)  The forces of the Syrian Arab Army will now be treated not only as "lawful combatants" but are also given the "combatant's privilege", "prisoner of war" and "protected persons" status and rights, meaning they can't be tried if they are captured for taking part in hostilities, unlike rebels who are "unlawful combatants" -- even the US-backed ones -- as per Article 3 internal conflicts. 

      (3)  As a "High Contracting Party" to the Conventions, the US is now liable for war crimes too.

      (4)  Any Syrian response to the US attack, or one carried out by Syria and its allies, (Article 51 of the UN Charter permits "collective self-defense") is now legal.

      (5)  Most importantly, the Syrian state is politically legitimized as the legal representative of the Syrian people and its sovereignty recognized.…

      And, even, worse than all that, Trump has also "fixed the facts around the policy".  President Assad never even used chemical weapons.  The whole WMD thing in Syria, like in Vietnam, East Timur, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, Palestine and Iraq, was just another shameless propaganda stunt, apparently designed to keep America's weapons contractors happy.

     If President Trump ever decides to look for a new employment opportunity after leaving the White House, I'm sure the National Enquirer would instantly hire him.

PS:  In the year 2000, GWB got the Supreme Court to steal the presidential  election for him.  But our Donald has done Dubya even one better than that --Trump and Friends have just stolen the Supreme Court itself.  What would the National Enquirer say about that!

Me, as a White House insider? Not exactly.


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