Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More news from my friend in Aleppo, Syria

     As America is being currently inundated by an overwhelming wash of lies and propaganda regarding "moderate rebels" in Syria, my friend in Aleppo writes to me about how much better things are there now that Assad is finally gaining control.

     There were (and are) no "moderate rebels" in Syria, not before, not now, not ever.  There is only ISIS, paid for and weaponized by America, Turkey, Israel and the House of Saud.  Everything else you hear is hard-line propaganda.  Goebbels would be so proud of America and Israel right now!

     "It's a new wave of propaganda that the world has to face now," writes my friend. "But everything over here is way better than before.  The Syrian Army and its allies are doing so well in Aleppo.  I'm afraid, though, that the zombies of this world will take advantage of these lies and propaganda to 'justify' their future crimes, wars, and invasions.  They did so several times in the past years.

     "Each time the Syrian army succeeds in defending the country, they (the trouble makers) create new conflicts and propaganda, a full package of lies, to twist realities on the ground and to end it to their own sake and advantages.  All the sacrifices of the Syrians would go in vain then.  Let's hope that the zombies won't get away with it this time.

     "The American-backed zombies have brought a lot of 'Freedom' and 'Democracy' here -- so that any zombie can do anything anytime anywhere in Syria right now!   Anyone can kill, rape, loot and kidnap others in this 'free country,' thanks to NATO, Israel and GCC states, who are a bunch of 'good doers' who want to 'help' us!" 

      Who needs that kind of "help" and "humanitarian aid"?  Certainly not the Syrians.


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