Saturday, February 13, 2016

Notary Public Blatant Self-Advertisement (since Fox News and CNN clearly aren't paying me to report the truth -- but then nobody pays anybody to report the truth these days!)

       I am a Notary Public in Berkeley and will notarize your stuff for $10 plus travel expenses if you can't make it to south Berkeley on your own.

      Will travel anywhere on the planet if you pay the expenses.  Antarctica is a favorite of mine if you happen to need anything notarized in Port Lockroy or need a Jurat from a penguin.  Or in Yemen or Libya or Tibet or even Bolivia.  Just e-mail me at with the word "Notary" in the subject line or message me on FaceBook.  Thanks.

PS:  I am listed on Yelp as "Stillwater Notary Public Services".  Feel free to rate me with five stars -- I'm that good!