Sunday, November 22, 2015

Yemen: How to get away with murder

     There's a very popular TV show on ABC right now and it's called "How to Get Away with Murder".  The plot revolves around a law professor who teaches her students how to be effective defense attorneys.  "If you want to get your client off the hook, even for felony charges such as murder," she instructs her class, "then you always need to establish reasonable doubt first." 

     "And how do you do that?" asks a student.

     "You find somebody else to blame," the professor replies.  Brilliant!  And this same principle also applies to creating effective "war" propaganda too.     

     Has America's vicious and bloody empire finally started to unravel at the seams because the rest of the world is finally begining to realize that said empire is a cruel evil inhuman mess based on savagery, state terror and greed?  No problem.  Just blame someone else for all this viciously spilled blood.  Blame Russia.  Blame Muslims.  Blame immigrants.  Blame unions.  Blame women.

     Are hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children being slaughtered in the Middle East with American weapons right now, in the cruelest way possible, set on fire with napalm, blown up by drones?  Blame terrorists.  Blame dictators.  Blame yo' mama!

     Forget about how American, Turkish, Saudi and Israeli neo-colonialists recruit, fund and train ISIS.  Forget that Israeli neo-colonialists are running a brutal gulag in Palestine.  Don't blame the real killers.  Follow that TV professor's advice.  Blame the victims.  Blame sunspots.  Blame termites.  Blame camels.  Does it even matter who gets blamed -- as long as it sways the jury?  I think not.

     So what if the rulers of Saudi Arabia are happily trying to butcher every man, woman and child in Yemen in order to steal their oil -- and that America is supplying the weapons to fry Yemenis alive in their own juices?  "It's not us," the Saudi princes all cry.  "It's the rebels.  It's the terrorists.  It's the Shias.  It's the goats!  Don't believe those dying Yemenis.  Believe us!"
     And so now the jury comes back in with its verdict.  "The House of Saud, the American weapons industry, the Israeli neo-colonialists, the Turkish dictator-wannabes and their buddies ISIS and al Qaeda are all not guilty!"   And once again these inhuman butchers get away with murder by blaming someone else.  That law professor was right!

PS: I hereby proclaim next Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, to heretofore be the official "SET ASIDE A PLATE FOR THE HOMELESS" Day.  Fill a plate with food (including pumpkin pie!) and take it down to the local homeless encampment.  We have so much.  They have so little. 

     And if you live in Europe or the Middle East or Africa or Latin America or North America or Asia, then set aside a plate for "war" refugees too.  And then thank Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama, Wall Street and War Street for creating them.