Saturday, December 31, 2011

Please help: Zakaria Zubeidi of the Jenin Freedom Theater is in trouble!

The freaking Israeli corporatists have done it again and gone back on their word once more. No wonder Republicans love them. Liars and bullies always seek their own level. But I digress.

Zakaria Zubeidi is a co-founder and mentor of the Jenin Freedom Theater in the West Bank -- and after the blankity-blank Israeli corporatists attempted to destroy Jenin back in 2002, Zakaria was an important component in the group of freedom fighters who fought back to save their loved ones and their homes from corporatist occupation. And after the dust had settled, Zakaria was given amnesty by the occupiers.

Zakaria then kept his part of the bargain to stay cool and went to work designing and shaping Jenin's non-violent Freedom Theater. But now Israeli corporatist punks are all threatening to break their part of the bargain and either assassinate Zakaria or throw him in jail and throw away the key. Good grief, how Israeli corporatists hate non-violent action! Almost as much as they hate keeping their word (remember Oslo, Camp David, etc? I rest my case!)

So how about performing a little non-violent action of our own in Zakaria's defense? Call your Israeli MP or ambassador or whatever. And also donate to the Freedom Theater's defense as well. Or even go to Jenin yourself and bring OWS with you!

It's time for Israeli corporatists to stop trying to take over the Middle East -- just like it's time for their corporatist buddies in America to stop trying to take over the world. Humph.

Here is some contact information:
The Israeli district commanding officer: +972 42433046
PA security safety office: +972 42436752
Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, 202 364 5500