Saturday, December 22, 2007

If anyone is interested, I'm selling my father's antique Japanese Samurai sword. Here's my ad on eBay

Background: This sword was once the cherished property of a family of Japanese Samurais and used to have a paper message hidden in its hilt stating who owned it. When my father served in World War II in the Pacific, he obtained the sword from a warehouse of weapons collected by the US military after the war ended. Due to financial constraints I am now forced to sell this heirloom.

Description: It is a Katana-type sword, created in 1835 by master swordmaker Michi Yoshi from Owari. Its inscription reads "Michi Yoshi made this, sixth year of Tenpo era, 12th month (1835)". The temper line is Gunome. The blade is 27 inches long and has no flaws. It has a 1936 military-style mount. The style is Shin-Shintoe (new-new)

Value: Its bluebook value ten years ago was $2,500. I'm now selling it for $3,000. (Dream on, Jane. You KNOW that you have no money karma!)