Sunday, February 04, 2007

Men In Trees: It's time for GWB to "Man Up"

You must think that I spend all my time watching television because I'm always reviewing the latest TV shows. Well, you're wrong. I spend all my time playing Free Cell solitaire. Humph.

But sometimes when even I get bored or -- more likely -- get carpal tunnel syndrome from playing too much Free Cell, I have been known to turn on the TV. Thursday night especially has a good lineup of shows. First I watch "Beauty and the Geek" and "Gray's Anatomy". Then I tape "Men In Trees" so I can watch it the next morning when I'm all tied up like a pretzel doing yoga and need something to keep my mind off the boredom and the pain.

So. In "Men In Trees," there's this young guy named Patrick who is always worried about how he is going to support his family but then his dad gives him some fatherly advice.

"You've got to take responsibility, son. You've got to MAN UP."

Hey. That's what George W. Bush needs to do! He needs to finally take responsibility for the big mess he's made of our economy, international relations, alternative energy, global warming, his various "wars", election fraud, honoring our religious beliefs, 9-11 and corruption in Congress -- just to mention a few of the areas wherein he's failed bigtime.

George, it's time to "Man Up"!

Stop blaming everyone else for your mistakes, stop trying to blow up Iran, stop the secret deals with Halliburton, stop spying on Americans, stop gutting the Constitution, stop using Christianity as an excuse for torture and genocide, stop lying compulsively and stop robbing the piggy bank. "Man Up."

If George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy could do it, then maybe you can too.

So. What TV show am I going to review for you next? That's a no-brainer. "Everybody Hates George".