Friday, December 01, 2006

JFK, RFK, 9-11 & Waco: The ultimate bodice-ripper!

Okay, I always wanted to be a romance novel heroine. Here's my chance! Harlequin, eat your heart out. Here's the plot: I'm a straight-laced Southern belle being taken advantage of by one of those scheming no-good Northerner carpetbaggers, come down to Dixie because he heard that my papa had just discovered oil. The blackguard! And you know what he wants. My virtue! Never! Not as long as there is a breath left in my body to defend myself.

Enter young JFK. "Miss Jane, your virtue is safe with me." Whew! But then the evil Northerner discovers that JFK has foiled his plan -- and he takes action. Sooner than I can sigh and fall into a swoon, young JFK is DEAD.

"Miss Jane, I will save you!" says JFK's handsome younger brother Bobby. Then we hear gunfire. Just like that, Bobby's dead too. And The Evil Northerner gets away with it! Swearing that no man will touch my virtue, I run off to find sanctuary at a local monestary run by some sweet young pastor named David Koresh. But to no avail!

The Northerner tracks me down and orders the monestary burned to the ground but I escape (again) and run off to hide away in New York City! No one will think to look for me there. But The Northerner by this time has killed my poor sweet papa and taken his oil and I'm still the only witness to his treachery! Lordy! Will nobody save me?

"I'll save you, Miss Jane," says Bill Clinton. Yeah right.

Desperately I slip through the shadows of the big city. I don't know WHO to trust! "Follow me, you poor sweet young thing, and I will protect you!" whispers a sincere-sounding stranger wearing cowboy boots and a really cute royal blue blazer with a Yale alumni pin stuck into the lapel. Oh Joy! I'm saved (again)! I follow my hero into a building. "Wait here," he says. "I won't be a moment." Trembling with fear, I wait for my hero to return. But my heart fills with terror and I can't wait any longer! Gathering my hoop skirts about me, I desperately escape through the basement -- maybe ripping my bodice a little bit but oh well. But as I run away from the building -- named after some sort of world trade fair or something -- it's towering edifice suddenly explodes! OMG! My so-called hero was The Northerner's son!

PS: Who really killed JFK and RFK? If America is ever going to trust the FBI, the CIA and our government again, these questions need to be sorted out. Whatever it takes. According to a recent Global Research article by Michael Carmichael, independent investigator Shane O'Sullivan recently discovered that three (3) CIA assassins were present at the Ambassador Hotel when RFK was shot.

Both of the Kennedy brothers had tried to cut the power of the CIA -- and look what happened to them. Bodice-ripping indeed!

"We must follow the evidence exhaustively and relentless," stated Carmichael, "leaving no stone unturned and no document unexamined regardless of its current status: Sensitive; Secret, Top Secret or Above Top Secret. To do any less would be to become complicit in the lies and cover-ups that have denied the American people of the truth."

So how did Waco get into my story? Because the Waco cover-up story, like the JFK and RFK assassination stories, never made people really believe that they had been told the whole truth. For instance, why were Secret Service agents protecting JFK told to stand down at the last minute just before JFK's vehicle approached the famous Dallas grassy knoll? Like the controversies surrounding the assassination of JFK, RFK and MLK, there are still a whole bunch of doubts about what really happened in Waco.

What really DID happen in Waco?

Even though millions of Americans actually watched that horrible massacre on TV, said Americans were then told again and again that the horrible fire -- that they had actually watched being started by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms -- was actually a mass suicide fire set by the Davidians! And Americans believed this rather than believing their own eyes. That's why Waco is important -- because now The Northerners knew for sure that George Orwell was right -- that, if they were told that black was white often enough, Americans were ready, willing and able to believe anything.

The stage was then set for an even bigger manufactured reality -- 9-11.

"Hummmm.... They covered up Waco, which was viewed on national televising by millions," thought GWB. "Maybe we can cover up a new Pearl Harbor too..." Ooops. America's bodice is really being ripped now!