Thursday, August 18, 2005

What if America resembled Jesus: Long hair, flowing robes, bleeding heart and all

Last night I had a vision too beautiful to describe. America, my country, put on the simple white robes of Jesus and turned to follow His example in thought, word and deed.

Last night, I saw America my country chase the money-changers from the Temple.

Gone were the blood-thirsty hypocrites in Washington who would do ANYTHING for money; spending their tainted billions to turn our politicians into the Whores of Babylon. "No rich man shall serve in Congress," Jesus said. America said "Amen."

If America did put on white robes and followed the teachings ofJesus, what would happen? We would become a light unto the world. And this light would not be fueled with gasoline, nuclear radiation, corporate greed or religious bigotry. It would be fueled with love.

If America were like Jesus -- and gave away her widow's mite and took the chalice in her hands, what a beacon we could become to the nations. But America has found this path too rocky and has become like Herod instead.

Bad men nailed Jesus to the cross. Bad men blew up the World Trade Center. Yet Jesus never faltered. "Thou shalt not kill," he said. "Thou shalt not kill." But instead of listening to Him, America faltered and fell and covered her hands with blood. Over 153,00 people died because Bush Republicans desired juicy weapons contracts, encouraging us to live in fear. Do you honestly think that Jesus would be proud of what they did?

"If you did it to the least of them," said Jesus, "you did it unto me." America's soldiers committed atrocities. America's politicians ordered them to do it. America's citizens relished all the gore.

On the Via Dolorosa, Jesus and His mother cried out at the cruelty and the sin. Yet the Roman soldiers pounded in the nails. And the American soldiers did things even worse. And America, my country, let this happen. What would Jesus do.

If America followed the teachings of Jesus -- it would take much more courage than we have.

If America acted like Jesus did, we would not be afraid of death. It is better to die a hero than to lose our immortal souls. Every single one of us will die most surely. It is a human's fate. So why sacrifice our glory now -- and in Heaven -- so that we can live just a few more wretched years in cowardice and in fear? And what follower of Jesus would drop bombs on innocent women and children? If you plan to kill infants, at least take the responsibility to do it face to face.

How much easier and safer it seems at first opinion to follow fear, cruelty, false prophets, Mammon and Satan. But moral cowardice is NEVER the safer road to Jerusalem. The only way that America will ever be safe is to lose its life to gain eternal life and become known as the gentle servant of Mankind, the light unto the world.

I had a vision of America following the principles of Jesus and setting an example. Will it happen? It could. Imagine if it did. I would be PROUD to be an American again. It's been a long, long time since I have been able to say that.

PS: I usually only like to write funny stuff and satires but occasionally my DNA takes over and next thing you know all those seven generations of preachers that I am descended from grab ahold of me and send me visions and there's nothing I can do about it -- except to make you guys share it with me. Sorry about that.