Thursday, September 02, 2004

I got an article in the Berkeley Daily Planet! Here it is!

Sunday’s Marchers Deserve Olympic Gold in Niceness, Freedom of Speech: By JANE STILLWATER

Special to the Planet (08-31-04) The Internet cafe on 96th and Broadway—around the corner from our flea-bag hotel in New York—closes in just six minutes so here is my very-improvised report on the Republican National Convention:

If the U.S.A. were competing in the Olympics in an event called the Protest March, we woulda won a Gold Medal today! One-fourth million people crossed the finish line! Even me. We marched from 14th Street to Madison Square Garden with only a few moments out to window shop and chit-chat with cops. Streams of people just kept pouring past these poor dazed Republicans as they sat in the windows of their high class restaurants.

“Where did all these people come from?” they must have asked themselves.
We were created by George Bush!

Today was a very special day for American patriots. The U.S.A. took the gold. A gold medal in free speech. A gold medal in niceness too. And an all around good time was had.

Ooops. They are closing the internet cafe on me. Do I have time for spll check? How could they deny a few extra minuts to a Gold Medal Winner!!!!