Thursday, April 22, 2021


Face masks, lip reading & 400 days of Hell for the deaf

     I met a set of identical twins the other day.  One twin was deaf and the other one wasn't.  One was surviving the lock-down okay -- but the other one was just about driven crazy by it.  Guess which one was deaf?

     "All my life, I've gotten by in this world by lip-reading," said the deaf twin, "but now, suddenly, there are no more lips to read."  He hates being deaf.  But even more than that, he hates face masks.  You would too if you were deaf.

     Sure, Newsom and Cuomo always use ASL interpreters at their press conferences.  Bully for them.  But where was this concern for the deaf when the face-mask mandate was decreed?  Where was the Americans with Disabilities Act?

     Face masks don't even hardly "Stop the Spread" anyway -- perhaps only 2% of it.  Not that it matters.  We were only spozed to be locked down for 14 days anyway, remember?  Now we've suffered though 400 days of lock-down, with no end in sight, all because of a disease with a 0.1% death rate at most.  Even death rates from experimental injections are starting to climb up toward that rate.

PS:  A whole bunch of COV!D patients were actually killed by being put on intubators instead of from the disease -- even despite what we are being told on Gray's Anatomy about intubators' efficacy.  And these twins are yet another example of well-meaning medical science gone haywire.  One twin was put on too much oxygen at birth.  One twin wasn't.  Guess which twin ended up deaf?

PPS:  Deaf people aren't the only ones having trouble communicating without being able to see faces.  Our babies are also living in "Mask up or Move On" hell as well.  How can they possibly move on without access to these important learning-milestone facial cues?

     We've all been living in an Eternal Halloween for over 400 days now.  And even we who are not hearing-impaired are being driven crazy too.  Perhaps its time to rip off the masks.


Hmmm.  Why was the COV!D-19 virus patented even before the Plandemic? Plandemic 2 Indoctornation is now available online (but not on YouTube):

Are face masks even dangerous?  Duh, yeah.

You want more evidence that we are in a Plandemic?  Here it is:

And you think that they aren't censuring us just because we dare to question the dominant narrative?  LOL.

And here's everything you ever wanted to know (and much more) about the actual science behind COV!D.  "The Swiss Policy Research  website provides an ongoing compendium of information with links to studies, etc. and also easily digestible graphs of various statistics":

And Pfizer doesn't have all that hot of a post-vaccine injury record either.  It's not just J&J that should be put on pause:
Have Americans finally turned into a bunch of glazed-eyed end-of-the-world cult worshipers?  Apparently so.

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