Monday, December 28, 2020


The lock-down: A nightmare for our kids' neuroplasticity (and for ours too)

     Raise your hand if you've ever heard of David Goggins or Dr. Andrew Huberman.  Okay.  You in the back row?  Explain their neuroplasticity theories to me.

     "When a child is young, its brain is much more elastic than ours.  That's why they learn so quickly."

      Correct.  Now can anybody tell me how that theory can also apply to adults?  You in the yellow shirt?

     "Well, the good news is that adults can actually increase their neuroplasticity -- through motion.  Dr. Huberman's postulate is that action precedes thought and so by moving around, we can think better."

     Good job.  Now who can tell me how this theory applies to the current lock-down?  You with the purple hair?

     "By locking us all down, we stop moving, stop learning, stop thinking.  Our minds become set in stone."

     That's more or less correct too.  We start raising dumb kids -- and we start dumbing ourselves down as well. 

     Welcome to Day 300 of the lock-down.  "Nothing to see here.  Keep moving."


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