Friday, May 03, 2019

Chaos Theory: Why we've had no new 9-11s since, er, 9-11

     Just like we've had no new major political assassinations since MLK involuntarily bought the farm in 1968, there's been no new 9-11 attacks in America since 2001 either.  Do you ever ask yourself why?  It's because there's really no need for bad guys to actually murder good guys in order to create chaos in America any more.  Terrorism and assassinations used to create chaos here back in the day but now bad guys can simply poison good guys' lamb chops, plant drugs or call-girls in their hotel suites or help them jump out a window.  Gets the job done -- with no inconvenient fact-finding commissions involved or citizen-sleuths always screaming "fraud".

     Nowadays bad guys can just simply ruin good guys' reputations -- and it's far more effective.  Just look at Julian Assange.  Or the infamous "Dean Scream".  Or Bernie Sanders being called that dread word "Socialist".  The bad guys falsely claim that AOC is nuts and that Omar sympathizes with terrorists.  Character assassination?  Gets the job done.

     And on the level of foreign policy?  Same rules apply.  Character assassination gets the job done here as well.  Just look at the ongoing media crucifixion of Russia -- rabidly accused of crimes that the Zionists and Saudis have committed daily for decades (and still do).  And how about all those horrible things the media is saying about Syria, Cuba and Venezuela?  None of them true.  Watching the news today is like watching a freaking telenovela!

     Yep, the powers-that-be clearly no longer need to set off "terrorist" bombs or assassinate progressives these days.  When they really want to get America's knickers in a twist, blowing up the Twin Towers has totally become old-school.  To create chaos in America today, all the powers-that-be have to do is, er, create chaos.

     Encouraging racial bigotry, kidnapping children at the border, fomenting riots over abortion, closing down the government, yelling "Second Amendment Rights" in a crowded theater -- any of that shite.  And then, BOOM!  America is suddenly in chaos -- and no tall buildings were even hurt during the filming.  Genius!  Gotta hand it to them (whoever they are).

     These powers-that-be own something like 99% of the media, 99% of America's wealth and 99% of our propaganda.  And they use all this power to mislead, misdirect and misinform.  Why do Americans put up with this craziness?  Generalized chaos weakens each of us individually.  We are no longer a community.  It is our Kryptonite.  The powers that be know this.  "Divide and conquer."  Why the freak don't we know it too.

    The answer?  Let's fight back.  The very first step in "tidying up" America's chaos?  Let's each of us take someone we think is definitely "The Other" out to lunch next week.  A homeless guy.  A redneck.  A bankster, a cop, someone on food stamps, an undocumented alien, a Native, a Black person, an Asian, an oligarch, a Muslim or Christian or Jew, a homosexual, a woman.  Whatever it is that you are not.  And then listen to their story.  And tell them yours too.

     We are all Americans.  We must all work to prevent the powers-that-be from creating even more chaos -- both at home and abroad.  In a supposedly-civilized country such as ours, is this really too big of an ask?

PS:  I also plan to attend the annual Book Expo in New York City at the end of May -- staying at a flop-house on Canal Street and also visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.  Last time I was at that site was in 2001, watching desperate people post photos of their missing loved ones just outside the ruins.  George W. Bush and company still have a lot of explaining to do about why they let 9-11 even happen on their watch -- and why they let the House of Saud get off the hook.

Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books.