Monday, July 18, 2011

Dontcha hate it when corporatists pretend to be Christians, Jews & Muslims?

Hey! All you guys with the billion-dollar bank accounts! Don't you know that religions were founded on the principle of enriching the human spirit -- not on enriching your own personal wealth. Rich men can't fit through the eye of a needle. End of story. Period. God, I hate people who use religion as a means to get rich.

Would greedy bastards like Bush, Perry, Bachmann, Palin, Boener -- or even Obama -- ever be able to pass the Jesus test? Hardly. The Sermon on the Mount went right over their heads. Corporatists pretending to be Christians? That's pathetic.

And what if Abraham or Moses came back to visit us earthlings today? They would both kick Netanyahu's butt! "Read your Talmud!" they'd yell at him. Corporatists pretending to be Jews? That's pathetic.

Would Mohammed approve of the Saudis bombing Bahrainian Muslims for fun and profit? Or Sunnis and Shias killing each other by the thousands because of oil disputes? Not on your life! Corporatists pretending to be Muslims? That's pathetic.

It says "Under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance. Do you ever see God approving of the resource wars that are now being conducted in His (or Her) name? Hardly. Do you ever see God approving of cutting Social Security to old folks and essentially giving them a death sentence so that the Pentagon can afford even more million-dollar drones to allow them to kill even more women and children? Dudes, get a grip.

And speaking of our Pledge of Allegiance, it also says, "With Liberty and Justice for all". I can't see that happening right now in America either, can you?

In today's world based on corporate greed, it's not all about God -- or Jesus or Abraham or Mohammed either. It's all about money. It's all about worshiping the Golden Calf -- and then calling it religion.

Don't any of you corporatists EVER talk to me about religion ever again. Talk to God about that. And I would love to hear God's reply. "Go to Hell!"

PS: I bet that if you added up all the human beings that corproratists have killed since the end of World War II (that famous war fought to make the world safe from corporatists!), you might find that corporatists have been responsible for more deaths than Stalin, Hitler and Mao combined.

Hard to believe at first but then if you count in the various resource wars in sub-Saharan Africa, Vietnam, Korea, East Timor, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya, Iraq and Central and South America plus various other wars for oil and all the monetary fund victims dying of drought, slave wages and/or starvation from Somalia to Haiti to the DRC, and the disastrous War on Drugs plus all the deadly stunts pulled by both Bushes, Johnson, NAFTA, Clinton, Kissinger, Obama, Reagan, etc., I'd be very interested in the results.

But at least Hitler, Stalin and Mao didn't claim to do all their killing in the name of religion.


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