Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pick-N-Pull: America 50 years from now?

My daughter's friend recently needed some spare parts for his car. "Wanna go to Pick-N-Pull with me?" he asked. Pick-N-Pull? What's that? "It's an Elephant's Graveyard for old cars." Let's go!

Pick-N-Pull is located way out in Richmond, in the Iron Triangle area. Guys (yes, it's a guy thing) go there to pull spare parts out of old cars so they can get used parts on the cheap. The place has HUNDREDS of old cars -- row after row, just sitting there. And looking like what American streets will look like in 50 years after we have run out of oil.

Ashley's friend brought his tool box. A bunch of other guys did too. And, yes, there were a few women there, but not many besides me. And the pickers and the pullers were all leaning over engines with wrenches and stuff. I loved it. Rows and rows and rows of cars -- most were from the 1990s. There were only a few really old cars and trucks. We looked at them all -- but Ashley's friend never did find the right part for his car.

PS: Approximately 40 rows at Pick-N-Pull were devoted to the ruins of American-made cars, mostly Cadillacs, Saturns, Buicks and Fords. And only approximately five rows there were devoted to broken-down foreign-made cars. What does that tell us?