Monday, May 28, 2007

Like a drunk blowing his paycheck on booze, will Bush blow his $100B on Iran?

A well-heeled uncle gives a small boy a ten-dollar bill. "Go buy something nice for your dad for Fathers Day," he tells the boy. But what does the little boy do instead? He runs down to the candy store and spends that ten dollars on licorice whips. And eats every one of them. And gets sick.

A father of five receives his weekly paycheck. He thinks momentarily about his wife and children at home without food -- but just for a moment. Then he goes down to the neighborhood bar and gets drunk instead.

Given George W. Bush's past history of lying, diverting funds, fondness for bombing foreign countries, disrespect for Congress, stretching the US military beyond all reason, disregarding the Constitution and other inappropriate patterns of behavior, perhaps you are starting to get a bit of a clue as to what Bush's more-than-likely plans are for that 100-billion-dollar blank check that he just received from Congress....

The other day, House minority leader John Boehner begged his colleagues to give Bush, a man with the most sleazy reputation in Washington, a 100-billion-dollar carte blanche. With tears in his eyes, Boehner pleaded with Congress to give Bush this insanely large amount of money -- and to give it to him on complete faith. "I think at the top of our list is providing for the safety and security of the American people," sobbed Boehner. "That's at the top of our list."

Sorry, John. Your tears were in vain. Keeping America safe is not what George Bush has in mind for that money -- and neither is supporting our troops. And apparently Congress didn't particularly have those goals in mind either. If it did, Congress would have voted to have our troops home by the Fourth of July -- if not by Father's Day!

So. Why do I think that Bush is about to hit the bar stool and drop that 100 billion on booze from a bottle labeled "Iran"? Or run out to Weapons-R-Us and foolishly squander his new 100-billion-dollar allowance on frivolous stuff like an attack on Iran? That's a no-brainer. Just look what Bush has done already with our trust -- and our treasury -- since he stole the presidential election in 2000. Is anybody in America who has seen Bush in action over the last seven years still naive enough to think that he is actually planning to use this new-found 100 billion dollars to "support the troops" in Iraq and/or "keep America safe" here at home? And not on a new "GI Joe in Iran" doll?

Can anybody in America still be that naive?

Face it, guys. Iraq was last year's toy. Bush is no longer interested in playing with last year's toy -- or in spending any money on repairing it either. Bush wants to buy a NEW toy this year. And Congress has just handed Bush the money to pay for his new toy -- with no strings attached.

That's just not right. Let's give Dubya a new "Bush goes to Jail" doll instead. And a bottle of "Leavenworth XXX" too.