Monday, April 23, 2007

The Savo Island Cooperative Homes, Inc. Board of Directors does it again! Or not....

At an open meeting tonight, the Savo Island Board of Directors once again tussled with the question of whether a Board member's needs take precedence over the needs of just your average resident. The answer to that question was tabled for another night -- one that will apparently give the Board member in question more time to marshal more support for her project. But that is neither here nor there.

What is of urgent importance to me at this point regarding this meeting is whether or not I can now reveal what went on in executive session last week because now a Board member has revealed that information in tonight's open session. Perhaps I am still not allowed to talk about this MAJOR EVENT. What would an official ruling be? Can I now say that a Board majority voted last Thursday night to fire our general contractor for the re-hab project? Or not? Probably not. So I will keep mum on the subject until such time as Board members who voted for this measure finally decide to let the mere residents -- and perhaps HUD -- know this startlingly important piece of information.

If anyone has any information regarding whether or not this is now public knowledge, please let me know.

If our general contractor has been fired, our re-hab is screwed.

Savo residents need to know this kind of information -- if for no other reason than so they can go out and buy more buckets for when it rains next winter and their roofs start to leak. Again.

PS: I am still in a quandry as to whether or not it is now public knowledge that the Board also voted to fire our re-hab Project Manager in another executive session two months ago.... And this Board has already made life so miserable for our excellent management company that it has served its 90-day notice to quit. So. Who is next on the Board's hit list? The re-hab architect? Me? I shoulda stayed in Iraq where it's safe!

I am currently circulating a document that will dissolve the co-op. After 20 years of watching this Board cost Savo Island thousands -- if not hundreds of thousands -- of dollars while in pursuit of self-interest agendas, I just can't take it any more.