Monday, November 06, 2006

Let's turn to Chapter 11 in America's neo-con history book: The one on bankruptcy....

I just watched the HBO special, "Hacking Democracy". Good grief! The Bush gang stole democracy right out from under our noses! And that's not all they stole. They stole our treasury too. No matter who wins, loses or steals the November elections, America is screwed. Our downward economic spiral is now pretty much unstoppable. It's time to start tightening our belts. A lot.

Whether the Bush uglies win, lose or steal this election, it really won't matter when it comes time to write this next sordid economic chapter in American history. Why? Because when you are a victim of identity theft and your wallet gets stolen, whether the perps are still at large or not isn't as important as the fact that your money is GONE.

However, I think it would make us feel better -- even if we never get our money back -- to know that the crooks who stole it from us are in jail.

But I digress. Back to this Chapter 11 bankruptcy problem. Currently our huge debt to foreign creditors is skyrocketing while at the same time, said foreign creditors are either noticeably cutting down on extending further credit to America or demanding that they get paid back.

The results of this serious drop in America's credit rating are highly predictable. The same thing will happen to America as a whole that would happen to us individually under the same circumstances -- if, for instance, we had totally over-extended our credit limits and MasterCard or Visa then tightened up hard on our personal credit accounts. We'd be forced to declare bankruptcy. And that is exactly what is going to happen to America in the next few years.

America? Bankrupt? How humiliating. Remember when we used to be the greatest nation in the world? And now we are in BANKRUPTCY COURT? Chapter 11 -- just another chapter in an American history text written by the neo-cons and George W. Bush.

PS: The one good thing that might come from America being forced to go into Chapter 11 is that we taxpayers will finally get our day in court. We may never be able to get America's Experian reports back up to "Good" again but we'll at least get some justice -- and revenge!

PPS: Speaking of court, maybe if I say something vile enough about George Bush et al., they will sue me for libel and take me to court. Then me and Perry Mason will then be able to prove "beyond a shadow of a doubt" that, yes, I did get my facts straight and, yes, Bush and his crooked ring of identity thieves really ARE perverts, sadists, murderers, liars, baby-killers, con artists and...and...and...jerks!