Saturday, June 17, 2006

Painting my kitchen yellow, orange & red while contemplating the 40% drop in Christianity in America

I do some of my best thinking while performing mindless activity. Solitaire is good. But painting the kitchen is better. Since I do most of my blogging from my "home office" -- the kitchen table -- I decided to go way out there and paint the kitchen yellow, orange and red. Me and my neighbor, young Ta'mar, set to work. I wanna live life on the edge!

As I was painting the area over the kitchen sink, it hit me. "In the last six years, over 40% (FORTY PERCENT) of Americans have stopped being Christians!

How can that be?

Anyone who supports the bloody massacre in Iraq, the casual way the Bush bureaucracy sends our wonderful troops into harm's way and the greed and corruption streaming out of the White House cannot POSSIBLY follow the teachings of Our Lord -- or dare to call themselves Christians. What is going on in Iraq and in Washington DC in Christ's name is BLASPHEMY.

PS: All the White House can do is scream, "Gay marrage! Abortion! Islam!" It may fool some of the people some of the time, but God knows what is what. God knows. God judges. And may God have mercy.

PPS: The new kitchen looks really good.