Monday, May 30, 2005

The second Schindler's List: Saving 1,200 Iraqis from certain death

40 years from now, I want Steven Spielberg's grandson to be able to make a movie about ME and call it "Stillwater's List".

I want to follow in the footsteps of Oskar Schindler. I want to get one of those multi-billion-dollar contracts for useless weapons that the Bush cartel is endlessly handing out to his buddies right and left. I want to go to Iraq, open a factory, employ 1,200 Iraqis and then, like Schindler, use bribes, influence and my crony connections to save my employees' lives by smuggling them out of Baghdad and helping them to avoid certain death.

I want to do what Schindler did. I want to save innocent lives of people arbitrarily sent to their deaths just because they are Iraqi and in harm's way. I want a list.

I also want a list of 1,200 American servicemen who I can smuggle out of Iraq to help THEM avoid certain death.

I'd like a list of 1,200 people in Darfur/Sudan who are also facing certain death.

And 1,200 people in Haiti too. And Afghanistan. And Israel-Palestine.

If you are an Afghani or an Iraqi or an Israeli/Palistinian or a Haitian or from Darfur or an American serviceman, write to me. I will put you on my list.

Then I will politely ask Cheney and Halliburton to give me some of their blood money to save lives with. And you just KNOW they will happily part with a few extra billion for me and my list -- because they already have much more money than they can ever possibly spend.