Saturday, October 30, 2004

My latest prediction: That Bush will "win" and then be impeached -- if not run out of town on a rail!

Someone just asked me what my latest prediction is. "As of today, who do you think will win on Tuesday?"

My prediction is this: George Bush will win. Why? No-brainer! Even as we speak, members of the George Bush fan club who are willing to do ANYTHING to see that their guy wins have been embedded in positions of influence in every electoral board, registrar of voters' office and secretary of state staff in America. I predict that we will see innumerable election dirty tricks -- from the precinct levels on up; not to mention Diebold data manipulations, corporate welfare's huge contributions, Sinclair's misrepresentations, the misleading swift boat/wolf ads, a partisan Supreme Court, etc. Bush will win again but, like in 2000, it will be another coup.

Then what happens? There are two possible scenarios.

1. George Bush will continue doing what he does best -- fouling up, making mistakes, mismanaging and siphoning out government funds to his Swiss bank account (okay okay, I'll be modern -- to his Cayman bank accounts) so badly that he will be impeached by popular demand -- if not run out of town on a rail. Tarring and feathering is a possibility.

2. Americans will continue to put up with the neo-con stumbling, bumbling and greed. As Roz Hill is fond of saying, Americans tend to be like fleas. "You put them in a jar with a lid and they hit their heads on the lid so many times that they stop trying to jump past a certain height." Or words to that effect. Like fleas -- or sheep -- Americans will settle down to accepting the end of the Grand Experiment and the beginning of becoming just another part of the Third World.

But if most of America follows Scenario Two, what will the rest of us -- the unlucky ones who are not addicted to Limbaugh and Fox -- what will we do? Move to Ireland or Peru? Take to the streets? Pray a lot? Renew our subscriptions to AOL and cable? WHAT CAN WE DO?

What can I do?

Before Diebold, Florida, et al., Americans went to the polls to express their opinions or let their Congressional representatives do it for them. Slowly but surely -- through new poll laws, voting irregularities, disenfranchisements, "misplaced" registration requests, media firewalls and just plain brainwashing -- the Bush/Rove group have removed that option. For whatever reason, ballots cast at our local precinct no longer seem to count. But REAL Americans will still want to vote. We are used to voting. WE LIKE to vote. And if no other recourse is available to us, we will vote with our feet.

The thing I hate most about Bush and the neo-con group is that they are herding Americans toward the edge of the cliff -- the same way that they have herded people in the Middle East these past years -- where non-violent protests and negotiations are ignored and only violent resistance is paid attention to. I DON'T WANT TO BECOME A GUERRILLA. But that seems to be the only action that the Bush group seems to notice and understand. As people in various countries dealing with Bush have found out the hard way, negotiations and non-violent actions and trips to Washington and the UN are ignored -- and body counts are the only things that neo-cons seem to pay attention to. That's sad.

If the Bush group continues to try to reduce our great country to gulags and little bands of guerrillas -- think El Salvador in the 1980s -- they will have a lot of 'splainin' to do. To America, to the world, to the Higher Court in heaven and TO ME. Humph.

That's all the predictions I got time for today. Sorry. Gotta go. I'm busy sewing on my daughter's Halloween costume.

And what am I going to be for Halloween? I think I'll save my urban guerrilla costume for next year. This year I plan to go trick-or-treating as PRESIDENT John Kerry. My bad. I still have hope.