Friday, July 23, 2004

Americans are angry and rightly so -- but at the WRONG PEOPLE.   
      Have you been listening to talk show radio? Those Dittoheads are some really really angry people.  And the Christian fundamentalists? They're furious!  Truckers, rednecks, Nascar dads?  Grrrrr.  Pump out the blood pressure meds, Doc.  Americans these days are grinding their teeth at night and have steam coming out their ears. 

     Me too! 

     How pissed off can you get?  I can top you. You wanna see anger?  I'm your man.  Michael Savage?  Rush Limbaugh?  I'll see you and raise you.  Forget about anger management.  Forget about the well-bred manners I learned as a sorority girl.  Where's my tire iron?  I wanna punch a hole in the wall.  Forget the tire iron.  Bare hands will do!

    The difference between me and the Dittoheads, however, is this:  I'M ANGRY AT THE RIGHT PEOPLE!  I should be mad at Clinton?  The liberals?  Come on.  They are not the ones who are screwing us!  Look closely at who has their hands in our pockets.  It ain't Hillary.  It's not even Monica.

     The Bush gang has skyjacked my religion.  I'm pissed off about that.  But are Christian fundamentalists mad at the Anti-Christ from Texas?   Hell, no.  At George's slightest bidding, they give up on Jesus like He was yesterday's sit com; turn their backs on Our Lord and morph into control freaks from Satan, yelling "Kill!  Kill!  Kill!"  And who does this army of dominatrix wannabes get mad at?  Liberals?  Duh.

     Is the common working slob such as myself angry at the union-busters, little-old-lady robbers and embezzlers in Washington?  Hell no.  They think the decline and fall of the American economy is Saddam Hussein's fault.  Saddam who?  Congress just sold you out!  Get a clue.

      Our schools and libraries are closing, our local taxes have gone sky-high to make up for Bush's so-called tax cuts, we were failed on 9-11, we are less safe than we have ever been, our sons and daughters are dying for WMDs that never were, election fraud is rampant, GW is padding his Swiss bank account with OUR nest eggs?  And it's Michael Moore's and Linda Ronstadt's fault?  Give me a break.

    America, get angry and stay angry.  Anger is good for you.  It's therapeutic.  Just let's make sure that we use it to protect democracy and morality and OUR JOBS.  Let's stop hating guys who are trying to warn us that we are being hustled and start to "direct our anger" at the guys who have loaded the dice.