Monday, June 21, 2004

Be careful what you wish for: What would REALLY happen if Bush invaded Cuba?

I just returned from Miami, where I talked with several Cuban Americans. "George Bush should invade Cuba too," said one Miami resident. Okay. Let's suppose George Bush did authorize the invasion of Cuba. What would happen? To get an idea of what would be in store for that island nation, let's look at what has happened to other countries that Bush has invaded. If he follows his current Modus Operandi, what would happen in Cuba would very likely be the same thing that has happened in Afghanistan, Haiti and Iraq; Shock and Awe followed by corruption, drug dealing, torture, insurgency -- and incompetence.

"If Bush invaded Cuba, it would become free and democratic," said one Miami Cuban. Not if you check the stats. Bush's record so far? Haiti is now being governed by torturers and tyrants. Iraq is now being governed by torturers and tyrants. Afghanistan is in the hands of warlords (aka torturers and tyrants). Not to mention what happened in Columbia, one of Bush's other Latin American success stories. Or in Argentina.

Compared to Bush's sad and shabby foreign policy record, Fidel Castro, with his insistence on free health care and free college education for all, is looking better and better. Would Bush give free education and health care to Cuba? We don't even get it in California!

In addition, many Cuban-Americans still have relatives back in Cuba. If George Bush did authorize an attack on that island, what makes them think that their relatives would be safe?

Cuban-Americans from Miami had better be careful what they wish for. Do they honestly think that, under George Bush, they would be gaining their island paradise back? That their relatives will be there to welcome them? What makes them think that?

Halliburton will own the island, not them.

However, Cuban-Americans will finally be able to visit their relatives. They will be able to see them hooded and naked at Guantanamo of course -- but more likely Bush will have found an even better place for the relatives. They will be peacefully residing at Christopher Columbus.

For those of you who are not familiar with Havana, Christopher Columbus is a famous cemetery. It's the place where you bury your dead. Moral: It's okay to hate Castro. But be aware: A Bush invasion would be much, much worse.