Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Why is Ariel Sharon dragging the already-suffering Jews of Israel through even further Hell?

Ariel Sharon has somehow convinced the people of Israel -- who have already gone through enough hell to last anyone three lifetimes -- that going deeper into the abject misery of oppression and hate and war is going to solve their problems; that if they only kill more Palestinians they'll be safe. That's magical thinking -- that's how a serial killer would think. And that's not true.

Jews who went through the worst torture imaginable -- go see the new movie with Mira Sorveno and Steve Beshemi about life in the concentration camps if you want to get an idea of what these poor people went through. And now Jews are being told that if they only put the people of Palestine through the same degradation and pain that Hitler put them through, then everything will be all right and Israel will be a smiling, happy place again.

What kind of sick, warped propaganda is that?

Who is this man to take such advantage of innocent, fragile people who are still struggling to get their lives together after tragedy? To take advantage of someone else's fear, somene else's misery? For what? What is in this for Ariel Saron? Wealth and power? You got that right. Sharon just hit American taxpayers up for another ten billion dollars! The man has a racket going. Why should he stop? And he does not care who has to pay the cost; even if it is the sons and daughters of concentration camp survivors.

America already gives Sharon $8.5 million a day to butcher Palestinians. Why should he stop now when he is hitting the trifecta.

Ariel Sharon gets big bucks and the kick of killing people. What do the people of Israel get? They get to live in constant fear. They get to break the Ten Commandments. They get to see terrible things happen to their loved ones. They get to watch their economy die slowly from lack of tourists and from funneling the nation's money into Sharon's settlements and Sharon's Swiss bank accounts.

That's just wrong, Mr. Sharon. Take a break. And give your subjects a break as well -- stop driving them further and further into the heart of Hell. Give up this Palestine insanity. Let the Jews of Israel finally have some well-needed peace.

Peace can never come from killing other human beings.

Some Israelis may think that I am prejudiced in favor of the people of Palestine. I am not. I am prejudiced in favor of eliminating all human suffering -- no matter who is receiving the blows from the lash. Were you to be suffering, Mr. Sharon, I would try to protect and defend even you. It is time for the human race to evolve.