Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Re: Palestinians need a STATEMENT OF DAMAGES (and a Request for Summary Judgment too!)

Dear PRC:

Americans don't seem to care about the astounding number of people that the Israeli Defense Force have killed within the last two years -- even though many of them have been women and children. Were 2,000 killed? Or more? Nobody seems to care over here -- just as long as Israelis aren't harmed.

However, knowing Americans and their great respect for the rights of ownership, perhaps they might take more notice if they knew that the destruction of property was also involved.

Please let me know -- if you have such information -- how much destruction of infrastructure has taken place in Palestine within the last two years. One billion US dollars? Two billion? Ten? Also, please include the financials regarding loss of property due to IDF confiscation of land, bulldozing of houses, destruction of orchards and crops and the destruction of water, electricity and road systems. And don't forget to calculate the damages caused by the destruction of medical facilities and schools. Let's file a Statement of Damages.

Further, Palestinians should easily be able to get a Summary Judgment in any court of law anywhere -- as long as the judge and jury are unbribable, awake and sober!

Thank you.

Best regards, Jane Stillwater, Berkeley, CA


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