Wednesday, January 16, 2019

JFK, MLK, Bobby & Leonard: Bad things happen when you color outside the lines

     Did anyone else besides me watch that TV special on John F. Kennedy Jr the other night?  Hmmm.  Not sure what to think about it.  Why are they showing it to us now?  Maybe I'm being a bit paranoid (again) but it appeared to be the ultimate masterpiece of public-relations propaganda -- American style.

     The docu-drama went out of its way to make two very urgent points.  First, that JFK Jr was intelligent, energetic, good-looking, charismatic -- and could easily be elected to any office in the nation.  Definitely in the White House by 2016!

     The second point was that JFK Jr was a truly lousy pilot, extremely bad, reckless beyond belief.  "Pilot error!"  And yet at some point in the docu-drama they actually showed us a radar-generated diagram of the John-John's plane suddenly dropping almost straight out of the sky, almost as if it had been hit by a bomb.  Come on, guys.  JFK's piloting couldn't have been that bad.

     All this docu-drama achieved was make me want to go back and read several copies of John Jr's George magazine.  What the freak might he have said in there to piss somebody off?  And if so, then who?

     Of course our wonderful Bobby, Martin and John got assassinated.  We all know that.  Happy MLK's birthday everyone.  Do you honestly think they would have named a holiday after MLK had he lived?  Hell no.

     He'd be rotting in some federal maximum-security prison like the one that Leonard Peltier has been rotting in for the last 44 years -- for a crime he clearly didn't commit.

     No one in power wants Leonard Peltier out of jail.  "But why not," you might ask.  "Is it because he is charged with killing two FBI agents?"  No.  It's because, according to a friend of mine who just visited Pine Ridge, "Things are really bad up on the reservation right now.  Poverty and alcoholism are rampant."

     The last thing that the elite .001% want is to have a heroic icon like Leonard back on The Rez, trying to make things better.  It's bad enough that they had all those water-protector demonstrations at Standing Rock, right?  Why add Leonard to the mix.

     And who knows for sure but....  If Bobby, Martin and John hadn't been assassinated and JFK Jr hadn't mysteriously died, there probably would never have been that horrifying "war" on Vietnam that murdered 50,000 "American soldiers in defense of a lie, or that ugly "war" on Central America that is even now driving asylum-seekers to our borders by the thousands.  
     There might never have been any debilitating 2008 housing crash, no painful Reagan downsizing, no Trump government shutdown, no sloppy Bush "second Pearl Harbor" and "wars" on Afghanistan and Iraq, no disastrous Clinton NAFTA and no obscene Obama "wars" on Syria and Libya, all of them wreaking havoc on both America and the world and selling us all out.  Plus there surely would have been a Green New Deal twenty years ago, back when we still had a chance to save the human race from extinction.

     The global elite top .001% are terrified of those kinds of heroes.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, watch your back.

PS:  I wanna color outside the lines too!  Do you?  If so, then the first small step you can take is to close your bank account with Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CitiBank, etc. tomorrow morning -- and open up an account with your local credit union instead.  The global elite hate stuff like that.

PPS:  Happy Martin Luther King birthday (again).  Now there was a man who knew how to weld a Crayola -- outside the lines!


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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Madam Jane predicts: The government shutdown will be an economic 9-11

     Poor Madam Jane -- always wearing black, moping around and looking sorrowful.  "You are not your brain," I keep telling her, me being currently in the process of reading a book by that name.  "You should always be on the look-out for deceptive brain messages," I say.

     But Madam Jane just turns her sorrowful eyes on me and says, "Beware."  Beware of what?

     "Beware of the government shutdown, the hate mongers, the mess down on our southern border.  Brother against brother.  An economic 9-11 is coming.  Worse than a stock-market crash.  Instead of invading Afghanistan and Iraq as a result of the Twin Towers 9-11, the Deep State global elite will be invading American pocketbooks.  I will say no more."

     Oh boy.  Looks like Madam Jane has been reading too much Naomi Klein, wherein today's global neo-conservatives thrive on chaos?  I would say yes.

     "The government shuts down," M.J. continues.  "Chaos slowly but surely results.  It will be almost like that infamous stock market crash of 1929 -- only worse.  Much worse.  And democracy never thrives when there is chaos.  The next thing you know there will be armored tanks driving up and down every street and road in America.  The Patriot Act will start looking positively democratic compared to what will be coming next.  Beware." 

     Got it.  When there is chaos, the top 001% have a fabulous excuse to spend (more) money on guns.  Madam Jane might actually be on to something here.

     "But Madam Jane," I finally ask her, "How come you never predict anything good?"  Perhaps she will -- when Americans start demanding their democracy back?  Nah.  Never happen.

PS:  Most federal offices are supposed to be shut down on January 21 in honor of Martin Luther King's birthday.  Oops, too late!  They already are.


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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Total fun: Attending an Oakland Raiders game!

          The Raiders' last game of the season was on Christmas Eve this year.  "I really really really want to go see that game -- before they sell out and become the Raiders of the Lost (Vegas) Ark instead." I told a friend.  "But I just can't afford a ticket."  But I got on the BART train to the Coliseum anyway. 

      Everyone on BART was all dressed up in silver and black.  I pulled out my sign.  "Extra free ticket please?"  Then a man sitting next to me actually smiled, nodded his head, searched through his pockets, pulled out a $130 ticket and handed it to me.  Wow!!!  Pure joy.

     But wait.  It gets even better.  The game itself was amazing.  Raiders vs. Broncos.  But far even better than that (and even better than the Raiderettes' complex dance routine at half-time) was just hanging out in the stadium and doing some heavy-duty crowd-watching.  I've never done such serious people-watching in my life.

     The crowd was pure Oaktown at its best.  And at Raiders' games here in Oakland, Black and Brown men, women and children finally find themselves in a majority for once in their lives, cheering for their home team, big smiles on their faces too.  Pure joy in their hearts as well.  63,132 of them.  I fit right in.

     Best Christmas Eve ev-ah!

     Plus the Raiders won too.

     Maybe we could beg the team's owners to keep the Raiders in Oakland where they belong?  Money isn't everything, you know.  Happiness also counts a lot.  Or am I just being naive?

PS:  "But aren't Black people also a majority in their own ghettos," some historically-unaware grossly-insensitive person might ask.  Seriously?  Of course Black people are also a majority in their ghettos.  Sure.  Ghettos that they were originally forced into, herded into while practically being tattooed with an IBM number, driven there against their will by Jim Crow himself.  Black people have made the most of their own bits of land, but historically ghettos were designed as racial concentration camps, segregation outposts and economic jails.  America's greatest shame since slavery. 

     And as for Brown people?  They are the very salt of the American earth.  They hold American society together with their ingenuity, humor and hard work.  Yet what kind of gratitude do they get in return?  Being called "Undocumented".  "Illegal."  And having their children viciously kidnapped.  That's totally unfair.

     But at a Raiders game?  They are all free.  We are all free (except of course for the ticket prices).  And isn't that what we all want?  Freedom?  And isn't that what America is actually supposed to be about? 

     And isn't that what everyone else in the rest of the world wants too?  Instead of constantly being invaded by America's robot armies, constantly being invaded by Jim Crow?  Wouldn't just a little bit of Christian kindness work better instead?  America is supposed to be a "Christian" nation -- at least that's what we're told.  Couldn't prove it by me.

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Saturday, January 05, 2019

Happy New Year a little bit late -- plus some good advice on how to write a novel

     The easiest way to write a book is to start by writing your very first page on New Years Day -- and then write one page a day for the rest of the year.  By the end of this year, you will have written a 365-page book.  Voila!  Yeah, I know.  It's not January 1 any more -- but you still have time to catch up.  Surely you can write just one page a day?  What with computer software, smartphones, spell-check and everything?  Spare ten minutes a day?  "What else you got going on."

     "But what should I write about?" you might ask.  No problem.  Just take a look at today's newspaper headlines for inspiration.  At least five instant plot scenarios will be lurking right there.  "Raiders may move to Las Vegas."  You like sports?  Write about that.

     Looking for an evil-villain idea for a possible spy thriller?  No-brainer.  Look no further than the CIA, Mossad, Atlantic Council, Wall Street and/or any one of those weird Saudi princes with a love of hacksaws.  Look what these evil-doers have already done to Syria.  Imagine what they are planning to do to you too.  Write about that.

     Want to write a sweetly heart-warming romance about a woman finding true love?  Just check out the nearest grocery-story tabloid and/or the society page of the New York Times.  Or google "Happy Ending" (not the massage).  Or just check out your very own FaceBook page.

     Got an itch to write sci-fi?  Get inspired by climate catastrophes, weaponized satellites, paramilitary drones or even all those new bans on birth control, abortion and women's right to choose.  Oops, that one's already been done.

     There's all kinds of really strange stories out there to write about these days -- and there's probably lots of really strange stories in the background of your own life as well.

     But my main point here is that it really is easy to write a book if you just break it down into 365 short segments -- and start your first segment on New Years Day (or shortly thereafter.  Sorry about that.)

     "So what if I did write a book," you might ask next, "then where would I get it published?"  No problem there either.  Amazon has a self-publishing app that is totally amazing -- and free.  They do everything for you.  Check it out.  You'll be a published author in no time.  Mazel tov!  And Happy New Year too.   


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