Wednesday, April 21, 2004

"They aren't bombing us, Dear. That's just thunder."

At 2:30 am the other night, I was suddenly jolted awake by multiple earth-shaking explosions. I lay petrified in my bed as our house shook like jelly and monstrous cacophony rang in my ears. My very first conscious thought was, "Oh My God. Those idiots in Washington have finally gone and done it!" This reaction was instantly followed by, "Oh My God. WE HAVE NO BOTTLED WATER!"

At that point I heard a child crying, "Mommie! Mommie! I don't want to die!" As I got up to see if there was any news on the radio, I realized that this child's bright future of happy friends and pleasant days at school and care-less trips to Target and Walgreen had suddenly cease to exist -- replaced by the bleak reality of being a war-torn refugee with NO future -- or worse. And that I would never again experience my taken-for-granted, day-to-day life. And that we only had about three days' supply of canned food.

Then there was the sudden sound of rain on the roof and I realized with tears in my eyes that the loud explosions had not been bombs. They had only been thunder. This time.

"They aren't bombing us, Dear. That's just thunder."

Stop mucking with my world, George. Resign and let people who knows what they are doing take over. America's current foreign policy is like kicking a hornets' net while wearing a Speedo. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. Stop endangering America.