Sunday, April 11, 2004

Sacrilege! US troops bomb hospitals, massacre women and children ON EASTER SUNDAY

By Jane Stillwater

"I am reporting from Fallugah," cried a KPFA correspondent. "American troops have just bombed a hospital! Bodies of women and children litter the streets! This is a massacre." Welcome to George Bush's Easter celebration.

As a Christian, I am overwhelmed with complete and abject shame for the demonic satanic spawn of Hell in Washington who could actually command such a horrific butchery of innocents -- on this highest of all holy days. Kill women and children? Send our own brave fighting troops to their deaths? On Easter Sunday! Christ is the Prince of Peace. You spit in his face.

America has no business being in Iraq. None. There is no excuse for sending our troops there other than bloodthirsty greed.

Karl von Clausewitz stated that there was honor in war. Clausewitz was WRONG. There is NO honor in war. What honor could there possibly be in this bloody defilement of everything we as Americans and as Christians stand for? How can I go to church and casually watch children hunt Easter eggs when I know that blood-crazed serial killers are slaughtering women and children in Christ's name? When I know that these demonic killers are endangering us all, threatening not only our way of life but our very souls.

US troops are busy bombing hospitals and massacring women and children ON EASTER SUNDAY. That is sacrilegious. As a practicing Christian, I am sickened and disgusted.
"Imagine a world where EVERY child is wanted, nurtured, protected and loved: World Peace in one generation!"