Wednesday, April 21, 2004

George's friends, a poem

George's friends are billionaires.
Our friends are unemployed!

George's friends wear Armanis.
Our friends wear body bags.

George's friends send their children to private schools.
Our friends' kids get "left behind".

George's friends get government contracts worth billions without having to bid for them.
Our friends are told to work overtime without pay.

George's friends get big oil leases.
Our friends get evicted.

George's friends have billions in Swiss bank accounts and off-shore tax dodges.
Our friends keep a few extra $20s hidden in their sock drawer.

George's friends told us whoppers about the WMD they knew didn't exist in Iraq even though they made billions selling them to Iraq in the first place.
Our friends tell the truth and get thrown in jail for "protesting".

George's friends commit incredible tax frauds and never get audited.
Our friends fudge a little on their income tax to save a few pennies and get full court press audits -- immediately!

George's friends eat at five-star restaurants.
Our friends think that eating out at Burger King is a big treat.

George's friends can bomb half the world without fear of retaliation because they have their own private bomb shelters.
Our friends have nowhere to hide.

George's friends have voting machines and control of the courts and ownership of the media.
Our friends just have memories.

America deserves better.