Saturday, April 17, 2004

The difference between Jews defending themselves and Zionists poking sticks at hornets' nests

If I were a Jew (not just someone who loves Seder dinners and Yom Kippur services and the idea of fighting injustice and has respect for the Ten Commandments), I would HATE it if people tried to kill me and my kin for all those centuries. That having been said, I would like Zionists to stop poking sticks in the eyes of Arabs and then wondering why they get a reaction. That's not smart. That's not even religious. That's just plain folly.

There's a difference between self defence and kicking hornets' nests. PS I will never forgive the Allies for not offering the Jews a homeland in Europe after WW II. THAT was anti-semitic. AND will Zionists making threats to drop H-bombs on Europe and the Middle East make Israel safer? Wanna be safe? I recommend that you spend your $10 billion a year "defense" budget on making friends instead.

Unjust punishment ALWAYS leads to resistance. The British learned that in 1776. Some people, including Ariel Sharon and George Bush, never learn that.