Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Is Judas Iscariot becoming America's patron saint?

Jesus paused on his way to Jeruseulem. He was on his way to Jeruseulem, knowing that betrayal and certain death awaited him there.

Jesus paused on a hillside in order to give Christians a most invaluable gift -- to give us the most precious gift ever given: The Sermon on the Mount.

And as he spread his arms wide to embrace all Christians down through the ages, he told his listeners of God's Eternal Truth:

"Blessed are the meek..." he said. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst..."

But at no point during His loving recitation of the most valuable creed ever given to man -- more wondrous than even the Declaration of Independence or Book of Revelations -- did Christ say, "Blessed are the munitions manufacturers..." Nor did he say, "Blessed are the war lobbyists." Or "Blessed are the corporate crooks who make their profits by killing their fellow men..." or "blessed are those who indiscriminately drop bombs on women and children..."

Jesus Christ gave us his Word. And then he died a horrible and tortured death rather than go back on it. And his Word was this: "Blessed are the Peacemakeers for they are the Children of God."

Are WE the children of God? Or are we sheep who follow Satan's siren call of "Armmegedon! Armeggedon!"

Do we stand with Our Lord or do we sell His principles of "Love thy neighbor" and "Do unto others that which you would have others do unto you" to the Romans for a few pieces of gold as Judas did?

If we follow Judas Iscariot, the Christ will have died in vain.

Jesus spent his whole life on Earth speaking against hatred, violence and bloodshed. Satan is offering us a chance to kill thousands --nay, millions -- of women and children in the Middle East. Can we do less than Jesus did? Let us screw up our courage and follow HIM.

I am descended from seven generations of Christian preachers of the faith. Please join me in following Jesus.