Wednesday, April 21, 2004

What if there were no more babies?

It was your typical peaceful day in Heaven. Babies were all lining up to get born.

"Say WHAT?" an unborn baby said to God. "You want ME to go down there and get beaten, bombed, starved, abused and amputated? Or get locked in overcrowded classrooms and babysitted by sit-coms while my mother works three jobs to keep the family afloat? I DON'T THINK SO!"

"But," replied God, "you gotta get born. It's in My Plan."

"Not this little pink duck. Until human beings stop doing everything they can to abuse, torture and murder children, I'm staying right here." Hell no! We won't go!

And no other child was ever born again. Trillions of dollars continued to be spent on weapons of mass destruction instead of healthcare and education. Testosterone-filled men happily bombed and polluted and irradiated the world to their hearts content. But not one baby was ever born again.

Are all the weapons in the world worth the price of NEVER knowing what it is like to hold a baby in our arms? It is time for the Hard-Right and the Hard-Left and the Soft-Middle to come together and work for the preservation of democracy before we all just become dinner in the eyes of the heartless corporations who now rule our future.