Thursday, April 15, 2004

My George Bush October Surprise Contest: Guess the correct place/date and win $50!

By Jane Stillwater,

"As things heat up at the White House, do you think George Bush will stage his `October Surprise' early?" a friend just asked me.

"No," I replied. "Bush will be in jail by then." But unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world and George Bush seems to be able to get away with an amazing amount of stuff that would have had you or me in jail forever -- so I need to make contingency plans. It's almost a done deal that there WILL be an "October Surprise". It is just a matter of what it is going to be -- and when.

We can't just assume that a man who spent his childhood blowing up frogs is going to change his ways -- so I am assuming that Bush's "October Surprise" will probably have something to do with things that go BOOM.

Let's look at the facts. First Bush blew up the frogs. Then he moved on to bigger things. Did he blow up New York City next? Not according to John Ashcroft. After 9-11, however, Bush went on to blow up Afghanistan, Haiti and Iraq. Is there a pattern here? You bet!

And I will take your bet.

Just enter my new "What will Bush blow up next?" contest. If you are the first to guess correctly what the time and place of Bush's 2004 "October Surprise" will be, you will win $50!

Let's just hope that the winning answer won't be "California".