Friday, July 28, 2006

The world's new peacekeepers: China -- and OPEC?

I just got the news that China is offering humanitarian aid to Lebanon. Apparently, the Chinese government is really pissed off at Israel because of their prime minister's highly imprudent decision to bomb a UN outpost in southern Lebanon -- even after the occupants of said outpost had frantically called for help at least ten times before they became toast.

One of the UN observers killed by Olmert's causal disregard for international law was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Chinese People's Liberation Army -- and now China is expressing its obvious displeasure at all this totally-unnecessary brutality so Prime Minister Olmert had better beware. What if China decides to play by HIS rules? If a small country like Israel thinks it has the right to destroy Lebanon for the loss of two soldiers, wouldn't China have the right to destroy Israel too?

Fortunately for all of us, China is acting more like an adult than Israel and using more peaceful means. Now if only OPEC would do the same thing.

What if OPEC suddenly decided to sell oil only for peaceful uses? No more jet fuel sales to George Bush to give to Olmert for his death machines? War would instantly be a thing of the past.

What if OPEC told Olmert and Bush that it would sacrifice its humongous war-generated oil profits in order to cut off Olmert's and Bush's oil supply if they didn't cease their systematic blitzkriegs in Gaza, Lebanon and Iraq IMMEDIATELY? But Greg Palast is probably right. That's a pretty big "what if".

What if all the members of OPEC suddenly decided that they wanted to go to Heaven for doing good deeds on earth before they died and would thus sacrifice an extra one hundred billion dollars in profit -- give or take a few billion here and there -- gouged from Europe and America in order to make God happy? Think about it for a minute. When gas prices in Los Angeles and Tel Aviv hit $20 a gallon, all the freaking taxpayer-supported wars in the Middle East would be over instantly. And God would be happy. And both Bush and Olmert would be in jail where they belonged within the week.

OPEC? The ball is in your court. Now is your chance to step up to the plate and make the world meaningful again. It could happen. "God willing."