Friday, July 14, 2006

Superman Returns: Has GWB just become America's Lex Luther?

I decided to take Chunky and Grace to the movies tonight because their mother was sick. "What do you want to go see?" I asked them. I myself had "Pirates of the Caribbean" in mind.

"Superman Returns," answered Chunky.

"Little Man," answered Grace. So we split up. "Pirates" was boring so I joined Grace at "Little Man" but it was boring too so I went off to join Chunky and watch "Superman Returns" -- and to eat some of his popcorn (Chunky had convinced the man at the concession stand to give him a jumbo-sized tub of popcorn for free. Chunky can be VERY charming when free popcorn is at stake.)

But I digress. Back to "Superman Returns."

I am currently reading a book called "The Oath". It was written by Khassan Beieu, a doctor who helped save lives on both sides during Russia's various wars on Chechnya. "Imagining war when you have never experienced it is impossible," said the doctor. Well, for me, imagining war was pretty easy after watching Metropolis get blown up and torn apart by Lex Luther.


And with all this insane idiocy of bombing civilians in Gaza and Lebanon, George Bush and Ehud Olmert are doing everything they possibly can to unleash the demon-eyed dogs of war. And once the Dog of War are free, there's going to be no stopping them. "Hey, nice doggy! Stay in the Middle East! Don't run off to Europe and America." Sorry, George, that's not how things work.


Only an idiot or a sociopath or Lex Luther -- or George W. Bush -- messes around with war. "Great Caesar's ghost!" If we don't want to have the unimaginable experience of total war arriving in our back yards in the very near future, we need to have Superman Return. Immediately. And if Superman himself is too busy hanging out with Lois Lane or Captain Jack Sparrow to help us, then we need to become like the Man of Steel ourselves -- and put George Bush in jail before he tries (again) to blow up Metropolis in his mad quest for power.

PS: Grace really liked "Little Man". Chunky really liked the popcorn. I really liked Johnny Depp.