Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wanna bring peace to the Middle East? Get the Burning Man crew on the job!

Let's dump the Bush bureaucracy. Whether by accident or on purpose, everything they touch falls apart. In the last six years, they haven't done one single thing to make America freer, more prosperous, more moral or even more safe. That's inefficiency!

Let's impeach the Bush losers and bring in a team of guys who know what they are doing -- the folks who bring us "Burning Man" every year.

Every year in September, these guys turn the Nevada desert into paradise. They can turn the deserts of the Middle East into paradise too. What's their secret? They CREATE instead of DESTROY. Is this such a difficult concept to grasp that it is totally beyond the Bush bureaucracy's mentality to even imagine? Duh, yeah.


See the Burning Man himself: