Saturday, July 22, 2006

Clean Break: Why the dilemma of choosing between Israel and Lebanon isn't a dilemma at all

Those of us who have visited Israel and think that Israel is a beautiful country inhabited by wonderful people are having a really hard time condemning the congenial citizens of, say, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv for the atrocious war crimes committed in Lebanon in their name.

Those of us who are Jewish and donated our allowances and Bar Mitzvah money as children to help buy trees for Israel and yearn for it to be a safe homeland where Jews are finally respected and free are totally resisting any hint that the Chosen People might be doing to Lebanon what Hitler did to Poland.

But I think this is not a dilemma after all. We don't HAVE to chose between condemning the slaughter in Lebanon on the one hand or being anti-Semitic on the other.

The people of Israel are still brave and wonderful.

The Jews are still idealistic and devout.

We are missing the boat here if we think that the terrible atrocities in Lebanon can be blamed on either Israelis or Jews.

The technologically deadly bombing of Lebanon has someone else's greasy fingerprints all over it. Who designed the operation? Who contributed the war machines? Who paid for the jet fuel? It wasn't Israelis. It wasn't Jews.

Check out the Bush bureaucracy's "Clean Break" document. It is a blueprint for the invasion of Lebanon, written by Richard Perle, Douglas Feith et al. and handed down to the Prime Minister of Israel way back in 1996!

Check out the bombing of Afghanistan by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. The exact same M.O. Check out GWB's "Shock and Awe" over Baghdad in 2003. A perfect match. Read Hassan El-Najjar's book "The Gulf War: Overreaction and Excessiveness". George H.W. Bush was up to these same tricks even back in 1991!

The Israelis and the Jews are being used as cats-paws. Don't hate Israelis and Jews -- or Americans either for that matter -- for the horrors done in their names. Of course you can be rather annoyed with them for being so stupid as to be lead by the nose. Go ahead. They deserve it. But it's time we started pointing our fingers at the the real culprits here.

It's time we stopped savaging the already-highly-tarnished reputation of Israelis and Jews -- and Americans too -- and started putting the Bush gang in jail.

Link to the text of "A Clean Break":