Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dear Glen Beck: Yes, America DOES need a strong defense -- against GWB!

My friend Bernie lives out in the middle of nowhere so I went off to visit him and stayed in a motel and watched cable TV for the first time in years.

Glen Beck was on. "The most important thing in America right now," he told us, "is defense." Defense against who? Who the freak does the world's largest super-power need to defend itself against? Lebanon? The WMDs in Iraq? China's unholy alliance with Wal-Mart? Or maybe Grenada has us in their cross-hairs again? Yeah right.

But in a way, Glen Beck has hit the nail on the head. There IS a terrible danger threatening us and America DOES need to defend itself. But it's very important that we turn our weapons on the right enemy if we are ever to be truly safe.

I know who America needs to defend itself against, Glen. We need to defend ourselves, our families and our country against the thieves, liars, sadists, crooks and scalawags in the White House. That's who.

The Bush bureaucracy, for God only knows what reason, has followed a consistent policy of destabilizing America from that very first day in November 1999 when Fox News suddenly announced that GWB had been elected President. Little did we know that even back then, our George and his friends were already hard at work destabilizing our elections, our states' rights, our emergency preparedness, our military, our air travel safety, our environment, our electrical grid, our infant mortality rate, our trust in our fellow Americans, our Constitution, our health care system, our literacy rate, our monetary system, our job security, our morals, our religion, our economy, our Supreme Court and our right to tour the White House on weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm!

It is the greatest tribute imaginable to America's DEFENSES that they have withstood six long dark years of constant attacks from George W. Bush. Hey, Glen, if you are truly serious about strengthening America's defenses, let's hear you talk about this!

PS: My greatest fear is that GWB will decide that America is not destabilizing fast enough. "Maybe if I tried that 9-11 trick again...." Why not? It worked the first time.

Glen Beck is right. America DOES need strong defense. And let's start by making our nation's capital safer. My recommendation? Let's protect our Congress, our Supreme Court and our White House ASAP with America's strongest and deadliest weapon -- a ring of orange jumpsuits.