Friday, July 21, 2006

"No Americans allowed": The sign on George Bush's new bunker?

So. Where is all this Bush bureaucracy saber-rattling insanity in the Middle East leading us? Armageddon, of course. But does this mean that Mr. "Born Again" Bush is actually ready to die? Hell, no. When the Apocalypse arrives for the rest of us, the architect of the end of the world as we know it is gonna have Other Plans

Have you SEEN Bush's new fancy-ass bunker? With its plush leather La-Z-Boys and endless supply of Cuban cigars? This is not the property of a man who is fixing to die. This is the property of a man expects to survive through all FOUR of the Horsemen and still have time for a quick game of Texas-Hold-'Em before dinner time!

But what about you and me? Are the neo-cons building bunkers for the rest of us too? Is Halliburton out there toiling away on massive underground fortresses to make sure that when the well-planned Bush-ignited Holocaust does arrive, all us patriotic American flag-wavers will be nice and safe and cozy too? Yeah right.

Bush does NOT want to die. But he's definitely not afraid to stir up the pot until everyone else does. "What? Jane? You're a coward? Afraid that if Bush stands up to those Arab bullies that things might get a little hot?" No. I am NOT a whoos. I am not afraid to die. But George Bush is. He'll blow up the world, blame it all on Osama...or Hezbollah...or the next media-created fad-terrorist most popular this month...and then he will pour more champagne.

And it will be GOOD champagne too. Vintage. And us taxpayers will have paid for it. And outside his fabulous new bunker home, our George will have posted a sign. "No Americans allowed."

Sure, the joke's on us. But listen guys. I've got an idea. Let's all come back from the grave and haunt GWB! I got dibs on haunting the kitchen. We could call it "Hell's Kitchen"....

PS: Hitler had his lightning war on Poland (and his bunker). Bush has his lightning war on Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon (and his bunker). Hitler didn't allow Germans into HIS bunker either. But Hitler and Bush aren't alike at all. George's bunker is nicer.