Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Yemen: The Middle East's latest London?

     I'm currently reading Jennifer Chiaverini's best-selling novel, Resistance Women, a story of heroism and intrigue that takes place in Berlin back when Adolph Hitler was slowly but surely putting the screws on any kind of freedom in Deutschland -- all the while claiming that a vicious fascist dictatorship will "make Germany great again".

     It was both foolish and dangerous for anyone to resist Hitler's Gestapo back then.  "But couldn't they have just formed a FaceBook group and protested that way?" you might ask.  "Germans Against Injustice, Racism and War?"  Sorry, not everyone had an iPhone back in 1936.

     In any case, Jews were becoming an endangered species back when Hitler had his eyes focused on conquering Europe -- just like Zionists have their eyes focused on conquering the Middle East today.  And, sadly, it's just about as dangerous to be a Christian or Muslim Arab right now as it was to be a Jew in Nazi Germany back in the 1930s.  Pretty soon every Arab from Gibraltar to Pakistan will be ruthlessly herded into Greater Gaza and forced to wear a yellow crescent moon or yellow cross.

     "Oh, but that will never happen in Saudi Arabia or the UAE or Kuwait or Qatar," you might say.  Yeah, right.  Poland, Denmark, Norway, the USSR, Belgium and France thought that they too were safe from the Nazis back in the 1930s.  And look what happened to them.  Plus Saudi Arabia is no Switzerland either.

     "Lebenstram!" shout the Zionists.  But are they perhaps overestimating the rest of the world just like Hitler did?  Might there be another Winston Churchill on tap in Iran?  And Bashar Assad of Syria has already proved that he is no Neville Chamberlain.  And high-powered Tehran is definitely no defenseless Warsaw. 

     And after having survived night after night of the Saudis' terrifying bomb attacks, Yemen has become today's version of London during the 1940-41 Blitz, its women and children bravely resisting Death from the air.

     "We will fight them in the cities, in the hills, in the bazaars, in the Starbucks!"

PS:  Netanyahu recently admitted that the Zionists have just bombed Damascus (again).  Oops, that's definitely bad news.  Why?  Not only because, like Hitler before him, Bibi is playing with fire, taking on too many offensives, pissing too many countries off around the world and risking having to actually use his famous Samson Option -- but also because Netanyahu is pissing me off too. 

     Bloody hell. 

     I'm spozed to be in Damascus in two weeks -- and if Bibi bombs my hotel, I'm gonna have to start taking this personally.  "Jane's going to Syria?  Now's our chance!"  Is that what Mr. Netanyahu is thinking?

     All I gotta say to that kind of back-talk is, "Bibi, go to your room!  And no dinner and no GameBoy for you either -- until you learn to behave."  And if one of your suicide drones murders me in my bed while I'm in Damascus, I'll come back from the grave and order my heir who is an attorney to sue you for ten million dollars.  "You murdered an American tourist, you idiot!" my heir's Complaint will read.

     OMG, America just bombed Syria too!  Am I going to have to send CENTCOM to bed with no dinner as well?  Apparently so.

PPS:  I'm also sick and tired of the MSM always ranting and raving on and on about "Assad is an evil dictator!"  No he isn't.  And his father wasn't all that bad either, I've just been informed.  That too was American propaganda.


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