Saturday, July 07, 2018

No joke: Getting serious about Syria

     Remember back to that very sad day when you finally found out that there wasn't any Santa Claus?  That everything your parents had ever told you about Santa Claus was a lie?  And not only that, but then you also found out that millions of other kids in America, just like you, had been systematically lied to as well?  And that the culture of an entire nation has colluded to make YOU believe in cute little elves and Mrs. Santa and chimneys and cookies after midnight and some happy workshop at the North Pole....

     And then one day your mean older sister gleefully told you, "Guess what?  It was all a big fat lie.  There is no Santa.  Sucker!"

     And we Americans have also been systematically taken in by that other fantasy myth about what is happening in Syria right now as well.  "That evil Assad!  America is saving the world for democracy!  Good guys always wear White Helmets!"  I hate to be the one to burst your bubble for you -- but none of that particular fairy tale is true either.  And the really sad thing about all this myth-bedtime-story-lie about Syria that we've been coerced into believing is that we are no longer children.  We are adults now.  There is absolutely no excuse for us to still believe in Santa Claus -- or to still believe that whatever they tell us on the six o'clock news about Syria is even anywhere near true.

      "Mommy, please tell me that story again about Assad being a horrid boogieman in Syria -- please, Mommy?"  And so Mommy once again tells us just what we want to hear.

     "Once upon a time..."

     But the actually real truth is that the boogeyman in Syria is actually America.  What a joke on us!  Or at least it would be if the horrendous death toll in Syria doesn't keep growing and rising every single hour of every single day -- and not just on Christmas.

      "But Jane," you might say, "have you any evidence?"  Good grief yes!  International news, social media, eye-witness accounts -- all of that stuff practically screams out at us "There is no Santa!"  And also that "Assad isn't a dictator either.  And Saudi Arabia and Israel are.  And you've been had.  And all this will cost you your future and your self-respect and you freaking belief in the Tooth Fairy too!"

     But no.  Americans still insist on teaching their children to believe in Santa Claus.  "What harm does it do?"  No harm at all.  Have fun with it -- as long as we adults don't start believing it too.  And vast amounts of harm does accrue when we adults still keep believing that America's "war" on Syria is anything but the sadistic, greedy and tragic misadventure that it actually is.

       It's time for Americans to block up the Pentagon's chemical-factory chimney and put Lockheed's deadly milk and cookies away.  And those are NOT benevolent Boeing reindeer out flying happily over sweet little Syria with sleighs loaded with Christmas presents for all.  Those are American F16 bombers carrying billions of dollars worth of deadly "payloads".  Those are American chemical attacks.  Those are tons of American weapons found in the hands of ISIS.  Over six hundred THOUSAND Syrians are d-e-a-d because of this myth.

      It is time to get serious about Syria.

PS:  It is also time to get serious about America's reality too.  We are currently over TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS in debt.  That would equal enough $100 bills to wallpaper the entire state of Idaho -- three inches deep.  And at least a trillion of those mysteriously-disappearing dollars have been spent on deep-fat-frying Syrian babies and keeping ISIS afloat.  Is this really the way that we want to squander America's money?  Really?

     I'm truly surprised that hordes of Americans  carrying torches and pitchforks haven't descended on Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court already.  But myths are powerful things -- nothing to joke around with.  And Americans have been totally hooked on this myth.

PPS:  A friend of mine just drove me through the heart of the horrific California-Oregon border fire destruction.  It looked like a war zone.  And if this is what "war" looks like, then America needs to be more careful what it pays for in the Middle East.

    Lindsey Graham just gave his same old tired rehashed doggerel speech in Syria that I heard him give in Iraq ten years ago -- about how American forces need to stay in (fill in the blank) so that (add some cheesy reason here that involves weapons manufacturers and greed).


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