Wednesday, November 02, 2016

What ever happened to the Bush-Obama "pivot" to Afghanistan? 

    So far, Afghanistan is America's longest war -- or is it?  I can think of a lot longer ones.  Hell, the burning embers of Reagan's war on Central America are still alive and well in Honduras.  Things are still at a boil in Somalia right now -- even after 20-odd years, are Blackhawks still going down over there?  Yeah.  And what about America's neo-colonial proxy war on Palestine?  That's been dragging on for decades already -- and probably won't end until the total war-crime-scale genocide of Palestine is complete.  Not to mention America's war on the Sioux Nation right here in North Dakota -- at least a few centuries old, am I right or what! 

     But I digress.  Back on topic. 

     Exactly what the freak is going on in Afghanistan these days?  We hardly ever hear about that "war" any more.  But after performing a quick and random information-grab, here's what I've figured out:  American soldiers are still killing Afghans.  The Taliban is still shooting back.  It's still all about Forward Operating Bases verses caves in Tora Bora and Meals-Ready-to-Eat versus goats over there.   And drones versus wedding parties.  And testosterone versus motherhood and burkas.  And oil pipeline proxy wars between American engineers and engineers from China.

     What a circus.  What a mess.  What a money pit.  This is gonna be Obama's legacy?  Yep.

      According to journalist James Petras, "Obama reneged on his campaign promises to end the war(s) in the Middle East by increasing the US troop presence and expanding his drone-assassination warfare against Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Syria.   US troops re-invaded Afghanistan, fought and retreated in defeat.  The Taliban advanced."

     Good grief.  If Clinton is elected, can we expect Hillary to continue her current support of the Bush-Obama multi-trillion-dollar "pivot" to chaos and to count on getting four more years of this mess?  Looks like it.  But can Afghans (and also Americans) survive four more years of this painful and costly Bush-Obama pivot to Afghanistan?  I'm thinking not.


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