Friday, August 26, 2016

US bombs Syria while California burns

    What in the freak has gone wrong with America's priorities these days?  I keep asking myself this question -- but never get an answer that makes any sense.

     Here we go, spending trillions of dollars on killing women and children in the Middle East, hopelessly maxing out America's credit card on some stupid, immoral and bloody overseas shopping spree -- buying stuff that we don't even need at a time when our infrastructure is crumbling dangerously, giant corporations have invaded the sacred halls of Congress like stage-four cancer, homeless people have become a common sight in every American city, and California is burning.

    In 1935, Mussolini's fascist Italy invaded the helpless country of Ethiopia while the world watched in horror.  Now Americans happily cheer on a similar invasion as the fascist House of Saud drops thousands of deadly explosives on helpless Yemen.  How times have changed.

     And, worse still, nobody in America these days even seems to notice that our priorities have turned upside-down and our "Christian" morality is now all shot to shite.  Why aren't Americans protesting?  Why don't they even care?

      417,000 acres of California forest have gone up in smoke this summer -- in 4,900 different fires.  And what are we spending our money on during this horrendous holocaust crisis?  Firefighting equipment and new water resources?  No.  We're spending trillions of dollars on butchering women and children instead.

      We could be spending those trillions on rebuilding our infrastructure so that millions of Americans will be safe.  Or on finding a cure for cancer so that we won't die painfully long before our time.  Or on creating solar power so we won't go extinct.  But are we?  No.  We continue to spend as much money as we possibly can on stupid, inhuman and blood-thirsty stuff like supporting ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria and bombing hospitals in Yemen.

     America's current priority truly sucks eggs.


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