Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Here's what's really going on right now in Aleppo, Syria --  March 1, 2016

    There's good news and bad news from my friend in Aleppo this week.  The bad news is that ISIS terrorists and their pal Turkey are breaking the ceasefire left and right.  But what can you expect from liars and terrorists?

      About the ceasefire agreement:  "Aleppo city is much more calmer since the beginning of the agreement, besides some violations that took place the first hours of the agreement, and yesterday at 21:50, when two mortars were shelled onto the government-held area, followed by ambulance sirens around 22:00.  In general so far, however, Aleppo city is so calmer than before.  No shells, no jets in the sky, no clashes.  80% better than before."

     Aleppo province:
  "The situation in Aleppo province didn't change much, according to the news.  The terrorists attacked the liberated villages of Nobbol & az-Zahraa with rockets, but there were no casualties.  In other areas of the province, fighting is still on-going:  Syrian Arab Army vs. Nusra & Da'esh; Kurds vs. Turks from the borders; Kurds vs. Terrorists; terrorists vs. other terrorists...  Violations of the ceasefire are from the terrorist groups and Turkey."

     More ceasefire violations:  "Russians recorded 15 violations in Syria in the last 24 hours.  Russia said as well that Nusra terrorists were shelling mortars in Latakya province from the Turkish borders (from Turkey).  The Turks are targeting the Kurds in Tell Abyad border town, claiming fighting Da'esh on the media!"

     On the road to Aleppo:  "Aleppo road had been finally liberated, but needs a lot of repairing.  It had damaged so badly.  Aleppo was isolated for almost a week of tough fighting to take it back.  There were snipers and a lot of mines."

     High prices resulting from the illegal invasion:  "Prices, obviously, started to jump up because nothing was coming in to the city.  Goods and fuel became expensive, partly because of the road battles, and partly because of the dollar rising price.  The crisis traders and merchants were the happiest group of the situation!  Prices will take some time till they go down, when goods and fuel start to enter the city, after repairing the road."

      Corruption vs. Heroism:  "There is news -- or gossip -- about treason that has happened at three checkpoints on the road to Aleppo that has caused setbacks and the loss of hundreds of lives among the Syrian soldiers.  The morale is down regarding such news.

      "While Hezbollah brave fighters and Syrian special forces paid a high price to liberate the long road, others are bribed because there are also corrupted, rotten members in the body.  The war had exposed the worst things in us, but it had motivated others to do the best they could do.  From one side you see the traitors, opportunists and corrupted ones; on the other side there are the brave heroes and martyrs who are defending millions like myself."

      Electricity in short supply:  "The thermal station of Aleppo that had been liberated lately by the Syrian Arab Army, needs billions of dollars to start working again.  Before leaving it, the terrorists made sure to loot everything they can, and sabotage the rest. Even its fuel, they loot as much as they could, and burn the rest. Aleppo is without power (electricity) for 5 months now, and without water for more than 1 month. Repairing that station will needs a miracle."

     And then my friend tells me to take care.  How brave is that.