Thursday, May 12, 2005

Judging Georgie: Why Bush must gut our courts as fast as he can

That "smoking gun" Bush/Blair memorandum that just hit the blogs has proved conclusively that Bush knew all along that his 200 billion dollar war on Iraq was a phony war. I knew it was. You knew it was. And now we have the proof.

Here's a great suggestion from the editor of regarding what we can DO with said proof: "Since that memo indicates a collaboration between Bush and Blair in fitting intelligence around policy to start a war in Iraq, why shouldn't all of the families of soldiers killed by Bush's lies be able to file a class action lawsuit against Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld, et. al for wrongful death?"

Sorry, RJ, but this is never going happen -- not if our George has the federal judiciary in his back pocket!

Now you can see, boys and girls, why Bush has been working so diligently from his first day at the White House to get rid of all those "Liberal" judges. Abortion has got nothing to do with it. It's all about honesty -- honest judges will not let him put his hands in the cookie jar quite so deeply.

Judge Judy might have allowed this kind of class action suit -- but the 207 judges that Bush has stacked our courts with would have stopped it.

Judge Joe Brown would never allow our Constitutional right to a fair and impartial judiciary to be ruled "out of order" so that corporate welfare queens can rape our treasury and environment with impunity -- but Bush has a whole BUNCH of bench-warmers that would be glad to do it.

Judge Kittleson on "The Practice" won't try to put me and you in jail for criticizing the demise of the Ten Amendments and the Ten Commandments. Bush's appointees wouldn't even need a jury to help them to find us "Guilty!"

In these crucial times, as we watch our democracy spiral down the drain, who can we turn to? Congress won't stand up for us. Thanks to under-the-table campaign contributions, corporate media ownership and Diebold, Congress has already been gutted.

It's laughable that we might be able to petition the White House for redress.

So who can we turn to for protection and help at this point in time? Our courts. Our lawyers. Our judges.

Is George Bush is replacing honest, fair and impartial officers of the court as fast as he possibly can -- and substituting them with Tighty Righty toadies who chose corporate welfare over OUR welfare and Bush's self-interest over the interests of America?

You be the judge.