Thursday, May 19, 2005

Godzilla vs. Shock & Awe: The occupation of Japan vs. the occupation of Iraq

Japan attacked America. Bush attacked Iraq. How come that made Japan the bad guys and Bush the hero on the white horse?

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Bush bombed Baghdad. Does that put Bush in the same league with Tojo and the right-wing Japanese zealots who invaded the Philippines and Manchuria?

America occupied Japan and helped it get back on its feet, insuring that Japan would never attack us again. Bush occupied Iraq, destoyed its economy and generated 70% unemployment, insuring that Iraq would hate the U.S. forever.

When America left Japan, they left it in better shape than it had been in before the war and now Japan is one of America's strongest allies. We took a country that was our deadly enemy and turned it into our friend. Bush has no intention of ever leaving Iraq. And he has taken a country that had no WMDs, was basically de-fanged and could do us no harm and turned it into a quagmire that kills our young men, bankrupts our economy and steals our souls.

Roosevelt was a genius. Bush is an idiot. Truman was an honest man. Bush is a crook.

Roosevelt's face is on the dime. Bush's face should be on a mug shot.

Japan, a country that itself endured occupation, is now occupying Iraq. America, a country that has never endured occupation (if you don't count carpetbaggers, scalawags, General Custer and Jim Crow) is now ruled by a man who is turning Iraq into Nanking, Corrigador and Bataan. Does Bush watch "Bridge on the River Kwai" for inspiration?

In dealing with human nature, it is always wise to remember that rewards always lead to inspiration and punishment always leads to resistance. During the Occupation, Japan did not resist. During the Occupation, is Iraq resisting? Duh.

Imagine if America had spent 200 billion dollars helping Iraq get back on its feet instead of just sending in carpetbaggers and thugs? Imagine if America had spent 200 billion dollars upgrading AMERICA'S hospitals, schools and roads instead of wasting all that money on creating a New Pearl Harbor for Iraq?