Saturday, February 20, 2021


Day 344:  The CDC has altered its stats?  Wha?  Whatever happened to that old "level playing field" idea?  The odds have just changed in the favor of Big Pharma.

     Plus I just read where 10% of those receiving the Pfizer-Moderna experimental injection will develop one of 30 possible auto-immune diseases within the next five years.  That's a pretty big gamble to take for an injection that doesn't even keep you from being contagious or let you get out of lock-down.

     And if you try to take over the world, is that an act of terrorism?  Is 3-11 already more deadly than 9-11?  Ask the Davos Boyz! 

      Plus deaths in America have been steadily rising for the past ten years.  Bad food, bad health, bad medicine.


How the CDC has altered its stats collection and evaluation processes:

And about those Petri-dish face masks:
Masks Lead To Pneumonia, Oral Thrush, Systemic Inflammation & May Be The Cause Of “Long-Haul” COVID.




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