Friday, February 12, 2021


Day 337:  I'm so sick and tired of being censored by FaceBook.  Time to look into alternative sites.  Apparently we are not supposed to know that COVID isn't all that dangerous.  We are not supposed to notice that dead bodies aren't piling up in the streets.  We're not spozed to do the math that shows us how many tragic and unnecessary deaths are caused by the lock-down.  We're not supposed to know that wearing masks can injure our health.  We're not supposed to know that there are at least three effective treatments that could have saved our grandparents' lives.

      And we're definitely not supposed to know that the COVID vaccine injures our immune systems, has killed 653 people and injured 12,000 people so far (that the CDC knows about), does not keep us from transmitting the virus to others -- and even can fill every cell in our bodies with some weird COVID mutation.  Great.  Just what we need.

     I just revived my classic MySpace page!

Day 340:  Side-effects are killing us slowly -- or not so slowly!  Yikes.


     Here's what little CDC data we have on vaccine-caused deaths: 

     Here's a series of videos tell us all kinds of ways that we are being duped.  I totally recommend it.

    Thank goodness for Ivor Cummins:



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