Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Day 341: "Should I get the vaccine?" Hell no!

     Someone just asked me if he should go ahead and get the Pfizer-Moderna experimental injection.  Here's what I answered:

      "Before you even consider taking the shot, first you need to know exactly how this injection works.  Basically, it sets up your immune system to always be on hyper-alert, to always scream 'Fire in the Theater!' even if some usher just turns on a flashlight.  Every single time you even get the sniffles, your auto-immune system will now call out the fire engines like it's a five-alarm conflagration -- every single time for the rest of your now-shortened life." 

     Plus there isn't even any reason to get shot up with this nasty stuff in the first place.  Look at our homeless friends who live out in the fresh air and sunshine without any masks.  They should all be dead by now.  Thankfully they are not.

      And don't forget what the CDC told us about the 2020 all-causes death rate -- that it lists the exact same number of deaths as the previous three years.  No dead bodies piled up in the street.  There were no excess deaths in 2020.

      Plus I just read that the number-one cause of death in America during 2020 was "medical error".  Thank you, Fasci, Cuomo, Newsom and Trump for shoving all those ventilators down our throats while ignoring any treatments that actually work such as HCQ, Ivermectin and vitamin D.  (Well, maybe Trump didn't ignore HCQ -- but he still screwed up the environment and forgot to drain The Swamp.)

      "Jane, you're just pissed off here."  Duh, yeah.


Our bodies are already set up to fight infections:  https://www.kindredmedia.org/2015/05/bruce-lipton-phd-on-immunology-and-vaccinations/

Everything you should know about vaccines -- but don't because of deliberate censorship:  https://childrenshealthdefense.org/webinar/the-covid-vaccine-on-trial-if-you-only-knew-watch-now/

Here's a nine-episode series that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about COVID.  $79 for the series -- but it may save your life.  Can you honestly say that about Netflix or Amazon?   https://vrevealed.com/covid/own/silver/



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